License & Certification


Fonda possesses a diverse array of Building & Construction Authority (BCA) Workheads which allow us to conduct a wide range of public sector building related projects in Singapore. 9 of our Workheads are under the maximum financial grade which allows for us to tender for the corresponding project without tendering limits (About Tendering Limits).

Registered Contractors

Licensed Builders

GB1 General Builder Class 1
SB(PW) Specialist Builder (Piling Works)
SB (SS) Specialist Builder (Structure SteelWork)
CW01 General Building A1
CW02 Civil Engineering B1
CR06 Interior Decoration & Finishing Works L6
ME01 Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration & Ventillation Works L6
ME04 Communication & Security Systems L6
ME05 Electrical Engineering L6
ME11 Mechanical Engineering L5
ME15 Integrated Building Services L6
FM01 Facilities Management M1
FM02 Housekeeping, Cleasing, Desilting & Conservancy Service L6
SY05 Electrical & Electronic Materials, Products & Components L6
RW02 Lift Contractors Single Grade


Fonda possesses 9 Ministry of Finance (MOF) issued Supply Heads of maximum financial grade which in conjunction with the above BCA Workheads also allows us to tender for a wide range of government procurement projects without tendering limits.
1. EPU/AVP/10 - Audio Visual, Photographic & Optical Products S10 >$30,000,000 (EPU S10)
2. EPU/CNE/10 - Communication and Navigation Systems S10 >$30,000,000 (EPU S10)
3. EPU/CMP/10 - Computer Related Hardware, Software, and Services S10 >$30,000,000 (EPU S10)
4. EPU/FFG/10 - Fire Fighting, Safety & Rescue Equipment S10 >$30,000,000 (EPU S10)
5. EPU/FBV/10 - Food Beverages S10 >$30,000,000 (EPU S10)
6. EPU/SER/17 - Service (Exhibition/Event Management) S10 >$30,000,000 (EPU S10)
7. EPU/SER/30 - Service (Management) S10 >$30,000,000 (EPU S10)
8. EPU/SER/43 - Service (Security) S10 >$30,000,000 (EPU S10)
9. EPU/SER/35 - Service (Training of Personnel) S10 >$30,000,000 (EPU S10)


As a firm performing projects for Government entities and reputable clients, Fonda is committed to adhering to quality assurance and manufacturing standards that live up to internationally recognized standards.
The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification establishes credibility and trust within consumers, stakeholders and other business partners and guarantees that the certified entity meets global standards for business and trade activities. In line with this, Fonda is ISO certified for activities pertaining to our business lines including:
  • ISO 41001:2018 (Facility Management and Maintenance Services)
  • ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health and safety management system)
  • ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System)
  • ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System)